According to news sources since the crisis of Covid-19 and impositions of lockdowns all across the world, people turned their attention towards investing in digitalized assets i.e. cryptocurrency or crypto-based assets.


As per the recently collected data and analysis by CoinDesk through a survey conducted by it, it has been pointed out that due to lockdowns a huge surge of investors have turned their gaze towards cryptocurrencies and crypto-based assets for the purposes of investment. The survey also shows that the majority of investors were those people who either had zero knowledge or relatively low knowledge about the crypto-based assets and security as well as the blockchain system.


In the harsh words of the pro-crypto owners/users, experienced crypto enthusiasts, and others who are attached with the crypto world for a very long time, they have stated that currently, the crypto world is over-populated by totally financial illiterate and there is every likelihood that in the near future they will be dominating the crypto industry.


The survey also suggests that soon after the things go normal again once the Covid-19 pandemic is controlled, then it is expected that huge investments will be poured in the crypto industry which will be double in the size by newbies and those who have less knowledge about the crypto-based assets.


According to a recent report published by the Central Bank of Canada, the report suggested that though the majority of Canadians have knowledge about the basics of crypto, and in particular about the Bitcoin, however still there is a handful of people who are owners of crypto-based assets and they too are those people who are part of the crypto industry for quite some time.


This means that while there is a huge surge in the number of new investors in the cryptocurrency all over the world, yet the results from Canada are rather negative. According to the latest report published in August this year in Canada, the report shows that around 84% of the Canadian population is some way or the other familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency and only 1% are not aware of it at all, however, the 5% of citizens are those who are owners and possess crypto assets within the country.