Partnership Aiming Towards Crypto Investors Arrived At Between Icapital Partner & Grayscale Investments

Grayscale Investments has opened up gates for investment advisors exceeding 6,700 in numbers who want to explore Grayscale’s crypto investment products on behalf of advisors’ clients. For allowing this access, a partnership arrangement has been executed between Grayscale Investments and Icapital Network. Both the partners will be working towards ensuring that the advisors are granted full exposure and all the information that they need.

Investment advisors these days have been asked a very pertinent question by their clients i.e. whether they should invest in digital currencies. No doubt that the majority of investors, if not all, have developed an appetite towards virtual currencies. This happened in less than two years’ time because crypto investors invested thousands of dollars and earned millions. So the question is authentic and has weight and advisors would need to come with a proper answer, if they want to keep their clients.

This very aspect was duly noted by a company of investment advisors namely Icapital. As per Icapital’s CEO, almost all of their company’s customers are interested in digital currencies. They want to bring cryptocurrencies to their personal portfolios, however, the company does not deal with virtual investment products, said the CEO. This then led Icapital to seek a partner who can advise the way forward directly to Icapital.

Eventually, a partner has been found by Icapital and it is found in the shape of world’s leading crypto investment firm, Grayscale Investments. It has been informed by Grayscale Investments on 13th September 2021 that a partnership arrangement has been executed between Grayscale and Icapital. While Grayscale obviously needs no introduction but Icapital is rather not a widely known company. It is an investment advisory company employing some of the most qualified and experienced investment advisors. In addition, the company is privileged to have some of the finest and wealthiest investors of the world as its customers.

Icapital has so far provided access to its clients in at least 780 different investment funds with multiple companies locally and internationally. The investor customers of Icapital have collectively invested approximately US$ 80 Billion in investment products. The company though is headquartered in New York, USA, however, it has international offices in Hong Kong, Zurich, Lisbon, and London.

Most importantly, Icapital is holding a network of expert investment advisors from all parts of the world which exceed 6,700 in numbers. In addition, ach advisor, out of these 6,700, has his/her own chain of clients. Now Grayscale will make sure that all of these 6,700 advisors of Icapital and their subsequent clients, have full-time access to crypto investment products. Both partners are highly optimistic about the outcome of the partnership. They individually believe that this is going to be a massive business with endless opportunities of earning for both sides. While Icapital’s customers would gain access to crypto investment on the other hand Icapital would continue to keep their clients.