Virtual private networks, or VPNs, are essential when you travel abroad and need to access things like Netflix U.S., or your bank, which require specific IP addresses. In most countries, VPNs are perfectly legal – but as a means of keeping the internet under strict control, countries like Russia, Turkey, Belarus ban VPNs. In other countries, Furthermore, VPNs assist the citizens of countries that try to censor the internet with tech, like the Great Firewall in China.

Coinbase is listing Tether (USDT), making life more interesting by the minute. Coinbase customers can now buy and sell USDT, one of the most notorious stablecoins, in Coinbase-supported regions – with the exception of New York State cause they just don’t trust Tether, quite frankly. We don’t want to give too many spoilers, but in this episode, Aviva Ounap, host of Crypto and Blockchain Talk, talks to lawyer/solicitor Jonathan Dunsmoor of Dunsmoor Law as they talk about Coinbase, Tether, Ripple, CBDCs and so much more. It is always a laugh and a half on Crypto and Blockchain Talk, so join us for a Yabba Dabba Doo Time!

Tether’s first reserve breakdown has shown their USDT is only 49% backed by “unspecified commercial paper”, and the IRS has sent a warning to cryptocurrency holders to either report crypto holdings on their taxes or go to jail! There is a LOT packed into this week’s episode of Crypto and Blockchain Talk so join the host, Aviva Ounap and Ben Jessel of Forbes.com as they have a chat about Tether, Facebook’s Diem, Bitcoin, and the state of the market today. This is another one “not to miss”!

So, the market is down, but this was to be expected for a number of reasons. Regardless of what is happening in the marketplace, jobs in blockchain and crypto are still in abundance, as people are recruiting for the future – which is so bright, we gotta wear shades. Join Aviva Ounap, host of Crypto and Blockchain Talk, as she talks to Owen Healy, HR Manager at HireVibes and they discuss the market dip, Vitalik’s donation of cryp, and everything that is hip in the world of blockchain and job hunting. And if you know someone who is looking for a job in this space, send them this podcast. This could be the one that could change their life!

Can you handle the ride???? The market is going all over, and the naysayers are lovin’ every minute of it! But the hardcore HODLers are laughing in the face of volatility, screaming “BRING IT ON!”. In this episode, we look at the wildest ride in the park, known as the crypto marketplace, and wonder what is happening and the reasons why. Joining Aviva Ounap, the host of Crypto and Blockchain Talk, is Francesco Melpignano of Kadena as we have a chat about the highs and lows, what Kadena is doing after their JP Morgan days, and how they are launching a new Layer 1 DeFi product on their multi-chain solution in this turbulent cryptosphere. STRAP IN FOLKS, we are in for a ride!

Welcome to “Part 2: The Volatility”, where we recommend for everyone to Buckle Up! This ride through the cryptosphere is absolutely not for the weak-hearted, as we said in Part 1, but will the community be better for it in the long haul? There are many outside influences which may be responsible for the latest instabilities in the crypto marketplace, but which ones are truly swaying the crypto prices? Join the host of Crypto and Blockchain Talk, Aviva Ounap, as she talks to Rob Levy of HXRO.io and they ponder, how long should we hold on to our underpants for?

Devil’s Due Publishing is an independent comic book publisher based in Chicago, boasting a wide selection of genres – all under the watchful eye of their CEO Josh Blaylock.

Josh first bounded onto the comic book scene after breathing life back into the GI Joe comic book series after procuring the licensing for GI Joe. He then continued to make a name for himself by adding to the licensed-product portfolio with original, creator-owned titles that currently populate his stable of comic books and graphic novels, all of which are extremely popular.

Join the host of Crypto and Blockchain Talk, Aviva Ounap, as she talks to Josh about Devil’s Due impending entrance into the NFT marketplace, his latest cool series ‘The Encoded’ with hidden rewards, and other really interesting topics that surround the man himself, his love for the creative, and where he sees Mercy Sparks in the future (hopefully, on the big screen)!

As we know in life, things are never what they seem. Rarely do we really, truly take the time to explore what the reasons behind these “things” are, and sometimes we may never get the answers – and they remain mysteries.

Well, we LOVE a good mystery at Crypto and Blockchain Talk and unfortunately, the crypto space is full of them (Quadriga CX comes to mind, as well as OneCoin – and podcasts about them are found in our podcast library). In the cases of Visa, Tether, and Coinbase, these mysteries can be pinned down to everything from misleading PR and social media posts, to outright, possibly felonious, tomfoolery.

Join the host of Crypto and Blockchain Talk, Aviva Õunap, as she looks into three mysteries with her Dr. Watson, Ben Jessel of Forbes, and they ponder, when will these companies realize that the people of blockchain and crypto just want honesty and truth?

Bitcoin is like Marmite. Some countries love it, some countries hate it. And the Marmite effect does not just apply to countries! It applies to people as well who perhaps are likening the world of crypto with some very unflattering parallels, such as the subprime mortgage bubbles which led to massive global recession, and ponzi schemes.

How should you navigate through this world of Marmite opinions? Very carefully, remembering to only invest with what you can afford to lose, but of course, making very informed and well researched decisions. After all, life is is a risk, but you want to make careful choices. Join the host of Crypto and Blockchain Talk, Aviva Ounap, and Ben Jessel of Forbes.com as they look at some of the opinions being formed out there and wonder, how does one stay sane in a BTC world?

In 2018, when William Hinman was the Director of the Division of Corporation Finance within the SEC, he stated that it was felt that ETH (Ethereum) was initially offered through a securities offering, but that it was now no longer a security due to its decentralization and some other reasons whispered in the halls of the US Financial Regulators. Since then, in the light of confusion amidst the laws concerning crypto and blockchain, not only are the SEC alleging that XRP is now a security, and NFTs may be a security in certain circumstances, but that ETH 2.0 may just see itself transform back into a security once again. Join the host of Crypto and Blockchain Talk, Aviva Ounap, as she talks to financial journalist Ben Jessel of Forbes.com and discuss the Howey Test, XRP, NFTs and the big one – will ETH 2.0 fulfill the requirements of a security?

So, you would think that people would learn a lesson from Al Capone, that lesson being “Don’t Piss off the US Government Financial Regulators”! Of course, not everyone is trying to do it on purpose and it may be that because the laws are not clear, people may not have been aware that any laws were broken.

But many lawyers and solicitors have pointed out that ignorance is not an excuse, and it is better to play safe than sorry ESPECIALLY when it comes to financial instruments. But are the SEC, CFTC, and other agencies being as fair as possible? Or are some people just begging for a spanking?

Join the host of Crypto and Blockchain Talk, Aviva Ounap as she talks to Jonathan Dunsmoor of Dunsmoor Law as they both explore who is operating in a possibly questionable way, and getting the attention of the most powerful agencies in the world.

Bitcoin is not just a power player in the crypto markets! The power of Bitcoin is now being talked about as being a main influencer within the traditional stocks and commodities markets. But this can only be a good thing, right? Join the host of Crypto and Blockchain Talk, Aviva Õunap, as she talks to Rob Levy of HXRO.io, and they look at the correlations between Bitcoin, stocks, and gold – and examine the reasons behind possible tandem movements.