, Robinhood Competitor, is soon to add cryptocurrency to its platform

As every year passes, it is becoming abundantly clear that the crypto market is here to stay. Even if it is just an asset like gold, cryptocurrency will still continue to persist and thrive despite what many critics believe. Even countries have started integrating cryptocurrency into their system. Some countries allow their citizens to use it as a tender, whereas others will only allow them to buy or sell the asset.

But apart from the incredible progress that countries are making in terms of integrating crypto, companies are also making very important strides towards allowing cryptocurrencies. First, it began with PayPal, the largest peer-to-peer transactions service allowing their clients to buy and hold cryptocurrency in their respective accounts.

The Square, the second-largest peer-to-peer transaction service allowed its customers to buy and trade cryptocurrencies as well. It was a completely seamless experience, as they could use money from their accounts to buy cryptocurrencies that would then go back into their accounts. From there they could either sell their cryptocurrencies or they could simply trade them for another.

And now one of the biggest investing applications in the world, Robinhood, went ahead and allowed customers to make transactions throughout a variety of cryptocurrencies. So now their customers will be able to buy and sell their favorite cryptocurrencies directly from the app.

Finally, Robinhood’s biggest competitor in the market,, has just announced that they will be allowing their customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through their accounts as well. While the news did seemingly come out of nowhere, no one was surprised by their newest decision. As one of the biggest financial markets currently around, they will be able to attract a lot of new investors who are looking to invest in the market.

During the announcement, they also made it very clear that they will be allowing 10 major cryptocurrencies for now, with more on the way. These include Bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ethereum classic, zcash, dash, stellar, and litecoin. While there are certainly more cryptocurrencies in the pipeline, these are the ones that they are starting with. Members of the Public service will be able to invest as little as a dollar when investing in crypto.

Of course, Public is working with another company to provide most of the blockchain services. APex crypto will be doing a lot of the heavy lifting with regards to the custody services and execution. And once APex is able to receive its Crypto license for the state, it will be opening its doors to investors from New York. It will eventually be released throughout the country, with New York currently being the testing grounds.