PureVPN can Help Crypto Users Access International Exchanges and Stay Secure

Crypto users access their exchange accounts and wallets day in and day out and one of their top concerns is to make sure they remain secure. While a number of these apps come with excellent security features, such as biometrics and multi-factor authentication, it is still concerning about what happens to the data when it travels through the network. This is where a secure VPN that comes from a reliable service and boasts good encryption like PureVPN can be helpful. For more than 15 years, PureVPN has been part of the VPN industry and has gained the trust of more than 3 million users.

Once crypto users enable PureVPN, all their network traffic is encrypted before it leaves their device through a secure 256-bit encryption. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone to hack your account or get access to your data. This can provide crypto users with peace of mind when they are accessing their exchange accounts, regardless of where they are and even when they are using public WiFi. Moreover, two very important features have been incorporated by PureVPN for enhancing the security even further. 

A Kill Switch feature is available in all apps that can minimize the risk to online security if PureVPN goes down. This can happen for any reason and if it does, then the Kill switch will kick in automatically and disable all network traffic temporarily until you connect once more. In addition, PureVPN is also providing crypto users with one of the most economical ways of getting a static IP. This can enable users to restrict access to their account from only a specific IP. Thus, even if a hacker is able to access your wallet credentials or exchange, they wouldn’t be able to access it. Essentially, it puts up a strong firewall and considerably increases your account security.

There is a degradation in speed with a VPN, but PureVPN can help crypto users in countering it, as it has more than 6,500 servers in its global network that are spread across more than 90 locations in the world and provide more than 20G bandwidth. The PureVPN apps have been made accessible on Mac and Windows, Android and iPhone/iPad and lightweight browser extensions are also available for FireFox, Brave, Chrome, Edge and other Chromium-based browsers. Another advantage that PureVPN can offer to crypto users is their ability to access exchanges from any region.

This means they can get around any geographical restrictions that may have been imposed, such as in the case of Binance, which has been forced to shut down in a number of jurisdictions. Not only is PureVPN offering its clients access to exchanges and wallets from any location, but it is also enhancing your security by ensuring complete data encryption. This is the best way to keep all network traffic safe, whether you are accessing your account on a crypto exchange, or your wallet, from anywhere. Even on a public WiFi, you will not have to worry about your credentials.