Recent Ripple XRP and Litecoin Trends

On Tuesday, Ripple’s XRP saw gains of 3.44 percent. This was an increase from Monday’s gains of 3.06 percent. Consequently, the Ripple token ended Tuesday at a value of $0.645. There was a bearish start as its value faced an intraday low of $0.61312 before moving forward. Nevertheless, it steered clear of the first significant support level, $0.5955, and increased to $0.65307, a midday intraday high.

Of course, this fell short of $0.6671, the first major resistance level, but to make matters worse, it fell back to around $0.62 before it ended the day close to $0.645. Today, Ripple’s XRP recorded losses of 0.45% as its value dropped to $0.64207. It’s quite a frenzied start as the Ripple token later saw an early morning high of $0.64674. Later, it fell back close to $0.64207. Meanwhile, Ripple’s major support and resistance levels remain untested.

Moving on, it needs to stay clear of the $0.6371 pivot so that the $0.6610 first major resistance level comes into play. Nevertheless, Ripple’s XRP needs support from the rest of the market if it’s going to break past Tuesday’s $0.65307 high. With an extended crypto rally, it’s likely that the first major resistance level can cap a potential upside.

Upon the next breakout, it’s likely that XRP will test resistance at around $0.70 before a pullback. The next major resistance level is $0.6770. But if it falls through the $0.6371 pivot, the $0.6211 support level will come into play. Except for the event of an extended sell-off,   Ripple’s XRP needs to steer clear of dropping lower than $0.60 levels. Otherwise, the next major support level is around $.5971.

Meanwhile, Litecoin faced gains of 2.78 percent on Tuesday. After rising by 2.64 percent on Monday, Litecoin ended yesterday at a value of $134.74. This is despite the mixed start to the day, as it fell to $127.43 before rising up. Avoiding the first major support level at $125, Litecoin enjoyed a late intraday high of $135.19. Although it fell short of $139, the first major resistance level, Litecoin managed to close the day around the $134 level.

 Early today, Litecoin fell by a minimal 0.59 percent, its value decreasing to $133.95. Even so, it saw shifts back and forth because it rose to $135.16, an early morning high, before dropping down to $133.87. Just like Ripple’s XRP, Litecoin left major resistance and support levels untested, but there’s still some time to go.

For the first major resistance level $138 to take effect, Litecoin needs to avoid the $133 pivot. But if it’s going to move past $135, Litecoin needs broad market support. If another breakout occurs, Litecoin could potentially test second major resistance levels close to $140. But if it falls below the $133 pivot, the $130 first major support level will take effect.