Robinhood Makes Interesting Claims around Increase in Female Crypto-Trades

As per the latest reports, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Robinhood for stock and crypto trading application has shared her views about female crypto-traders. Gretchen Howard has stated that her aim is to bring more exposure to the cryptocurrency industry among women investors.

Her aim is to increase the number of growth in women in terms of cryptocurrency investments. She also wants to increase the adoption rate of other investment options among women but her main focus is on cryptocurrencies.

Gretchen Howard had recently made an appearance in an interview conducted by Business Insider on Wednesday, July 7, 2021. In the interview, the COO at Robinhood shared her thoughts about the contribution and participation of women in the growth of the cryptocurrency industry.

She revealed that compared to the last year, the number of women in cryptocurrency trading has experienced tremendous growth. According to her, the number of women investing in cryptocurrencies has increased 369%.

She also shared interesting information about the active cryptocurrency users belonging to the female group. She revealed that 40% of the female traders currently active on their platform are investing in cryptocurrencies. Surprisingly, this figure represents that the number of active female investors in crypto versus the year 2020 has increased seven times.

Gretchen stated that they are proud that these many women have chosen their platform in order to carry out trades. What makes things more interesting for them is the participation of women investors in the cryptocurrency space.

They are glad that their platform has proven to be one of the most trusted and adopted platforms where women came to perform cryptocurrency trades. Until the end of 2020, the cryptocurrency industry seemed that it was dominated by male investors.

However, since the start of 2021, the situation has started changing and females have started showing more level of participation than they did in the past. Women have finally started coming out of their safe and introverted zone. They have now started taking risks when it comes to investing in online trades and most importantly, cryptocurrencies.

Prior to her onboarding at Robinhood, Gretchen Howard was one of the partners at CapitalG, which was a venture capital firm. However, she wanted to play a direct role in bringing more women to the cryptocurrency industry and bring more crypto-exposure to the particular gender.

Therefore, she left CapitalG back in 2019 and joined Robinhood the same year. Gretchen revealed that she does not aim to bring other women to this platform but she is also an investor in cryptocurrencies herself. According to her, she also owns tokens belonging to several major cryptocurrencies and plans on adding more to her portfolio.