Russians in Kursk and Yaroslavl to Vote in 2021 Elections Using Blockchain Technology

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At present, there are many countries worldwide that are trying to bring in more and more innovation when adopting blockchain technology. When it comes to blockchain adoption, Russia has emerged as a country that seems to be going in the right direction.

The country has started adopting blockchain technology in different sectors and departments. One of the most prominent blockchain adoptions demonstrated by Russia is the development of the central bank digital currency (CBDC).

The country is making constant developments and is venturing more into the blockchain verse with every passing day. Now the country has stepped up its game in the adoption of blockchain technology.

According to the latest reports, the Russian Government has shown its interest in conducting elections through blockchain platforms. The country will reportedly be allowing its citizens to cast votes using blockchain voting technology.

So far the Government of Russia has shown great interest and trust in the technology. The first-ever blockchain-based elections that Russia had tested were for the referendum amendments in early 2021. However, at that time, it was claimed that the hackers had managed to find their way into the blockchain network.

Although the government is using the same system, which was reportedly hacked, yet it claims that improvements and upgrades have been made to the blockchain technology and the security system.

Therefore, the government of Russia is confident that it will be able to hold all future elections through blockchain technology. At present, the Russian Government is planning to grant blockchain voting rights to citizens of two regions in Russia.

The people in these two regions would be able to cast their votes using blockchain technology via their smartphones or pc computers. The Russian Government has also shown great interest in holding the upcoming parliamentary elections through blockchain technology. The reports confirm that the upcoming parliamentary elections would be taking place in 2022.

The Russian Central Election Commission (CEC) has shared details around the upcoming elections based on the blockchain network. The CEC has confirmed that the locals of Yaroslavl and Kurski will be able to cast their votes using blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology for voting has been introduced at the beginning of the running year. The Russian Government has indicated that it has full confidence in the technology and will be using it in all upcoming elections.

Despite the Russian Government making several claims about the improvement of blockchain technology, many are still calling it a planned strategy by the ruling party. As per observers, the Russian Government is not willing to give control of the country to the opposition.

Therefore, the Russian Government is promoting the blockchain voting system so it can rig the elections to emerge as the winner.