Scheme Offering Crypto Rewards “Rewards for Justice” Launched in the US

Crimes having led the US Government to offer a plan to the public called “Rewards for Justice” are crypto-related which the US had enough. Government initiated plan which seeks Public to come forward and let the Government know if they possess any information or guide regarding crypto and cybercriminals. The payment of reward comprising approximately US$ 10 Million, as the case may be, will be made in crypto as well as normal cash.

The US is among one of the heavily victimized states of foreign cyber and crypto-related crimes, where it couldn’t do anything to prevent these crimes. In recent times and in the past there were many instances of this type. Resultantly, there were celebrations in the camp of criminals whereas within the US Administration the taste of defeat was there.

One of the most heinous crimes is called “ransomware”, which as per the US Government is seriously growing in the country. There have already been plenty of victims of this specific crime in the United States since the start of 2021. The established and notable businesses in the US such as Colonial Pipelines were the most targeted victims.  These criminals demanded crypto ransom payment after first breaching into the network of Colonial Pipelines and then taking control.  In fact, it is reported that ransom money in crypto to ransomware executors was paid by the company.  As a result of the later investigation, a foreign organization that picks victims particularly from the US, its involvement was revealed.

From within and across the borders, the US Government has come up with a scheme in order for curtailing crypto and cyber-related crimes. With the support of the present US Government a scheme called “Rewards for Justice” has been initiated. No one else made the announcement but the Department of Justice (DOJ) itself announced the launching of this scheme

The public is invited to come forward and give information or lead with respect to cyber/crypto criminals under this scheme, the DOJ informed. It was further clarified by the DOJ that the exact location of the criminal and premises from where activities are conducted or the information provided could be about the identification of the criminal. The DOJ said that the informant will be rewarded with a hefty sum of US$ 10 Million, against providing such information.  Whether the informant would like to obtain a reward in fiat or through crypto, yet it would be at the sole discretion of the informant. For the encouragement of the informants, both options have been made available.

In furtherance of the United States’ mission to combat crimes in the country, it was apprised that the “Rewards for Justice” scheme was launched. To bring the criminals face to face trial by unveiling the identities of the international criminals is what the US wants.

For bringing up information, more than 100 people have already been rewarded, the announcement further suggested. For the task they did for the Government and law enforcement agencies, these people have been paid by the Government almost US$ 200 Million.