Several Organizations Accepting Cryptocurrencies as Donations for Afghan Refugees

As you read through this update, several Afghans that have fled the country for the safety of their lives are seeking refuge and help from other countries. Several countries from around the world have already started giving accommodation to the refugees in order to help them.

As the Taliban continue taking over more and more territories within Afghanistan, more refugees are fleeing the country for their lives. During this time, the organizations from the cryptocurrency and non-crypto currency spaces have joined hands to help the Afghan refugees.

These non-profit organizations are working tirelessly to help generate donations for the refugees from Afghanistan. As these people have left their homes and wealth back in the country, they are at the mercy of other human beings and governments.

Therefore, the non-profit organizations, working for the welfare of humanity have stepped up, aiming to help the people in need. By now, the cryptocurrency industry has gained a significantly higher reputation with the global space than it used to have in the past.

This is the reason why such non-profit organizations have found it extremely beneficial to request support from the cryptocurrency industry. At present, the influence of the cryptocurrency industry is over 200 million people. This means that it has the potential to generate large amounts of donations for the Afghan refugees.

As the Afghan refugees need the support of humanity more than ever, the non-profit (charity) organizations have set their expectations towards the crypto community as well.

One of the most prominent non-profit organizations in the United States currently collecting donations for the Afghan refugees is Hearts & Homes for Refugees. It is a grassroots non-profit organization that is based in New York.

According to the organization, it is currently collecting charities and donations for over 20,000 Afghan refugees. The non-profit organization has revealed that these particular refugees are still in Afghanistan and are desperate to flee the country.

For now, they are anxiously waiting for the US Government to come to their aid in order to issue special immigrant visas for them. The organization is aiming to raise enough donations that would help them in moving more than 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan to the United States.

The organization has revealed that once evacuated, they are aiming to move these refugees to Westchester County. The organization has announced that it is currently accepting several cryptocurrencies. Some of the major cryptocurrencies the organization is accepting include Bancor, Synthetix, Polygon, Year.Finance, BAL, Gemini dollar, ZCash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and Bitcoin.

The organization has announced that it has managed to do it with the help of Giving Block that has integrated the cryptocurrency wallet service to their platform.