Six Startups Added by Mastercard to Accelerator

Fintech startup’s accelerator program called Mastercard Start Path has recently made an announcement around inducting companies for its program. Mastercard Start Path has revealed that it has added six companies in order to benefit from their innovative expertise. The particular companies will be responsible for providing their expertise in the fields of blockchain-based payments, transactions, and software-as-a-service.

Mastercard Start Path has provided the names of the companies that will be acting as the fintech innovation providers for the project. The name of the companies includes Tippy, SpendDebt, Moeda Seeds, Jifti, Cledara, and Asante Financial Services.

Mastercard Start Path made the announcement around the induction of the six companies in its program on Monday, May 3. The company remarked on the performance and contribution of Moeda Seeds in the world of digital banking. Currently, Moeda Seeds is the only digital banking payments company that is providing services through the blockchain network.

On top of that, Moeda Seeds also utilizes the distributed ledger technology while offering microcredits to the users.

With every passing day, the Fintech industry continues to grow bigger and gain more ground versus traditional financing. The industry has been growing rapidly and can do a lot better with the right amount of innovation and technology.

This is where Mastercard has found the opportunity to become one of the pioneers in introducing innovation into the Fintech sector. Mastercard will act as an infrastructure that would provide its resources and assets. These resources and assets would be at the fintech innovators’ disposal to grow bigger and more reliable.

The ultimate goal of all the efforts is to ensure that more innovation and users are brought to the platform. With the passage of time, the world has started realizing the importance of digital and virtual transactions. The pandemic has turned out to be the perfect trigger that has shown the entire world how easy it is to adopt fintech solutions.

The senior vice president of Mastercard has also shared her remarks around the induction of the six companies for the new program. Amy Neale stated that they are glad that they were able to bring such innovative and ambitious companies on board.

With their innovations, hard work, and dedication, Mastercard will be able to introduce a newer level in the fintech industry. These companies would eventually prove to be the future of the financial tech industry.

She added that all six companies are coming up with their own ideas and innovations around the fintech sector. They are planning to introduce new services, projects, and tools in the fintech sector to make it more attractive and profitable for the users.

The company has announced that the Start Path will continue working for the next six months and its aim would be to introduced newer ways to make the fintech industry more adoptable.