The opportunities in the trading world continue to grow at an exponential rate. There are different types of asset categories and there are thousands of trading instruments that fall under them. The best part about the trading market is that it allows you to invest a minimal amount and doesn’t need you to have years of experience or extensive knowledge under your belt. Moreover, since trading has moved online, it has become immensely easy for people to enjoy its boons because they no longer need to go anywhere and can make trades no matter where they may be. This has been made possible with online brokers who are offering their trading services to global traders.

STR Capital

If you decide to explore any of the trading opportunities, you would need to sign up with a broker because they are the ones who give you market access via their trading platform. Online brokers are plenty, so limited options are not an issue, but finding a good broker amongst the crowd is easier said than done. You obviously cannot check every broker because that would take up a lot of time. But, you can shortlist brokers and assess those to find one that works for you.

One of the brokers that’s most likely to end up on your shortlist is STR-Capital. With its headquarters located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a company by the name of Dexmont Holdings Ltd. founded this brokerage. STR-Capital is dedicated to offering CFD trading services i.e. Contract for Difference under which traders are not required to purchase physical assets. In order to come up with an opinion about the broker, you need to take a close look at their offerings. Let’s see what STR-Capital has to offer and if it is good enough to fulfill your trading needs:

  • What assets can you trade with STR-Capital?

The first question that you need to ask about any brokerage is their asset offerings. After all, if they don’t have the instrument you want to trade or the options are too limited, you would prefer to find a different broker. Since STR-Capital is a CFD broker, it is offering a plethora of choice to its clientele, which exceed 1,000. The assets belong to different financial markets and enable traders to maximize their earnings through diversification and reduce their risks.

To start with, STR-Capital gives you the option of trading forex currency pairs, such as EUR/USD, GBP/JPY, USD/CHF, GBP/AUD, USD/NZD and more. You can dip your toes in the stock market, as the broker allows you trade stocks of renowned companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Visa, PayPal, Volkswagen, HSBC Holdings and Google, amongst others. You can also trade indices like FTSE 100, DAX 30, CAC 40, NASDAQ, Dow Jones and S&P 500. Commodities are also available with this broker, including gold and silver, crude oil, natural gas, wheat, corn, coffee and soybeans.

  • Is STR-Capital secure?

With the rising cybersecurity threats, traders have become increasingly worried about the safety of their information and their capital when trading online. The best way to minimize these risks is to opt for brokers that don’t mess with your security and STR-Capital fits this bill. The broker has taken appropriate steps to create a secure trading environment, which includes using top-of-the-line encryption tools for protecting all data. They also protect customer funds by maintaining segregated accounts for their safety.

This means their accounts are kept separate from the brokerage’s own and it reduces chances of discrepancies or misappropriation. Most notably, STR-Capital is in compliance with popular security policies, KYC and AML. These are Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering that are aimed at reducing identity theft, terrorist activities and money laundering. Traders are required to give proof of ID, proof of address and proof of payment before they can use the broker’s platform for trading. Lastly, the broker also has a privacy policy under which it does not rent, share or sell your information to any third-party without your permission.

  • Which trading platform can you use on STR-Capital?

An important feature of a broker is their trading platform, the software you use for carrying out your trading activities. If the platform is lacking in terms of tools or features, it can hinder your trading considerably. STR-Capital has developed a web trading platform for their users, which means it is to be accessed via the web browser. This eliminates the need to download or install anything, which is convenient for users. In addition, the broker has used an intuitive and user-friendly interface to ensure that every trader, whether beginner or expert, can use the platform without a hitch.

The web-based platform also delivers excellent speed and executes trades quickly to help you take advantage of even the smallest movements in price. STR-Capital has also added some useful trading tools, such as trading indicators, price alerts, charting tools and trading signals that allow traders to make smart decisions. Furthermore, the broker also gives clients access to the latest market news, so they can stay updated and make timely decisions. This trading platform also gives flexibility because you can use it on multiple devices, whether on laptops, desktop PCs or mobile devices.

  • Is there any support provided by STR-Capital?

When you are using a brokerage’s services for the first time, there is a good chance you will have issues and questions. You may need assistance at some point, due to which you want to know if any customer support is available. STR-Capital is aware that traders may need help and so, they have integrated multiple channels for customer support. Traders will find help available 24/7 and they can get in touch with the representatives by writing an email on the email address provided or filling out the online contact form given on the website. A phone number is also mentioned on the website for further assistance.

Final Thoughts

A close look into this broker shows that STR-Capital can help you trade in the financial markets in an easy and convenient manner.