The Biggest Bank from Germany Goes Pro on Cryptocurrencies

At present, countries with the highest economic background and hold are in the race to become the most welcome countries to cryptocurrencies. Every day there is a new country announcing its adoption of crypto-blockchain technology one way or another.

However, the countries such as China, Russia, the USA, and Nigeria have been at the forefront of countries that are making huge progress in crypto-adoption. These countries have been observing really high investments for cryptocurrencies originating from their private, government, and semi-government sectors.

This has given motivation and confidence to many other countries from around the world to look into the possibilities of adopting crypto-blockchain technologies.

When it comes to crypto-blockchain adoption, one of the most recent countries to have announced its interest in Germany. Although the country had remained very quiet on the matter of cryptocurrency adoption, the country has finally decided to go pro with cryptocurrencies.

As per the latest reports, the largest bank from Germany “Deutsche Bank”, has announced that it is interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. The Deutsche Bank is the largest bank in Germany that currently has more than $1.8 trillion assets under management (AUM).

According to many analysts, the news of the Deutsche Bank going pro-crypto is not surprising at all. They have stated that it was already expected of the bank to finally announce that it was going to invest in cryptocurrencies.

The crypto-analysts revealed that the analysts at the Deutsche Bank had always been very supportive and bullish about Bitcoin (BTC). However, the analysts at the bank had started talking very highly of Bitcoin (BTC) in recent months.

Not just Bitcoin (BTC) but the analysts working at the Deutsche Bank also spoke their minds about fiat currencies and calling them “fad”. It was back in 2019 when the Deutsche Bank had first talked about the potential and future of cryptocurrencies around the world.

The bank had stated that with time, cryptocurrencies have started gaining success and mass adoption. While on the other hand, fiat currencies have started losing their ground and importance in the global economy.

Although the bank has shared very positive remarks around cryptocurrencies, yet it seems that the firm is still busy assessing the situation. According to sources, the bank has only shared this information through local and less popular platforms.

There are speculations that the Deutsche Bank will soon be making announcements around the crypto-adoption that will shake the entire cryptocurrency community in the country.

The bank has also revealed that it is currently in the process of using the service to create a bridge between the traditional banking services as well as digital assets. By doing this, the bank will be able to offer a new product and service to its customers, most importantly, this action will provide more exposure to the cryptocurrency industry.