No matter how successful a cryptocurrency gets with respect to capitalization or demand, Bitcoin (BTC) will always remain at the top. It is not a claim made by the key figures of Bitcoin (BTC) operations but by leaders and founders of other cryptocurrencies.

Just recently, it was the CEO of one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies ‘Ripple (XRP)’, who commented on Bitcoin’s (BTC) success. The current CEO of Ripple (XRP) ‘Brad Garlinghouse’ is a personality known for being a critic of Bitcoin (BTC).

Brad Garlinghouse was himself found talking about his views of the Bitcoin (BTC). He stated that although he criticizes a lot about Bitcoin (BTC) but he still wishes for Bitcoin (BTC) to succeed. He wishes to see Bitcoin (BTC) hit the benchmarks that many analysts have predicted it would.

Just yesterday, the Ripple’s CEO made an appearance on the Fortune’s “Brainstorm” podcast. It was there where Brad Garlinghouse commented on the current developments of Bitcoin (BTC). He stated that Bitcoin (BTC) is currently to compete with no other cryptocurrency, especially Ripple (XRP).

He stated that neither Ripple (XRP) is trying to pull anything off that would seem that it is trying to compete with Bitcoin (BTC). That is when he stated that he wishes for Bitcoin (BTC) to achieve its goal.

Brad stated that once the next bull market hits the industry, Bitcoin (BTC) will work as a catalyst to boost prices of other cryptocurrencies as well.

He added that due to its large market capitalization and demand, Bitcoin (BTC) has the ability to exert a huge gravitational pull towards other digital-assets that also includes Ripple (XRP).

He stated that Bitcoin (BTC) currently has 66.2% dominance over the cryptocurrency industry. He stated it was only 2018 when Bitcoin’s crypto-market dominance went down to 32.8%. It was the time when altcoins were taking away the entire spotlight from Bitcoin (BTC).

However, Bitcoin (BTC) has started regaining its dominance and in the past six weeks, it has broken all previous records. Brad added that due to the success of Bitcoin (BTC), other cryptocurrencies have also started picking up. He also talked about Ripple (XRP) stating that even Ripple prices are around $0.3075.

On top of its price, Ripple (XRP) has also started making a lot of progress and development to mark its presence in the crypto-market. Right in the beginning of the running year, Ripple (XRP) partnered with one of the top investment groups from Japan ‘SBI Holdings’.

After partnering with SBI Holdings, the cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) has set up an agreement with SBI Holdings’ subsidiary ‘SBI eSports’. As per the agreement, all the esports hired by SBI eSports will be paid by the company in Ripple (XRP).