The UK Raiding a Possible Cannabis Farm Ends up Finding a Massive Bitcoin Mining Farm

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According to the latest reports, the United Kingdom Police has carried out an unusual press conference. At the conference, they have ended up finding a mining farm for the largest cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin (BTC). This is not the unusual part of the report but the nature of the raid that took place at the mining farm.

The United Kingdom Police has revealed that they did not raid knowing that it would be a mining farm for Bitcoin (BTC). Instead of that, they had received reports of cannabis farms being run through the particular facility.

As they raided the farm, they realized it was not for cannabis; instead, the farm was for mining Bitcoin (BTC). The police have confirmed that the place where they found the illegal mining farm for Bitcoin (BTC) is right on the outskirts of Birmingham.

The police have revealed that the mining farm was located near the outskirts of Birmingham in one of the industrial units. The police have confirmed that the Bitcoin mining farm was being operated illegally. According to authorities, the mining farm was being operated after stealing expensive electricity from the main supply.

The reports have confirmed that the West Midlands Police is currently investigating the matter. It was the West Midlands Police department whose representatives held the press conference on Thursday, May 27, 2021.

The West Midlands Police has confirmed that they had started searching the area on a lead they had received from the intelligence. The police have revealed that it was on May 18, when they had searched the unit present in Sandwell.

They had received confirmed leads from the intelligence unit that illegal cannabis farms were being run from the particular facility. When they entered the premises, they had thought that they would find cannabis, and instead, they ended up finding crypto-mining equipment.

They had the investigation and IT teams at the authority investigate the matter and see exactly what was being operated from the location. Later, the forces confirmed that the location was used for mining Bitcoin (BTC) instead of farming cannabis.

The police confirmed that before carrying out the raid and search operation at the facility, they performed surveillance of the location. They wanted to make sure they catch all the culprits involved in the farming of cannabis. However, they had no idea what was coming their way and exactly they would have to deal with it.

The police confirmed that at different timings, they see different people visiting the facility. Therefore, they did not know exactly how many people were involved in the process. Therefore, they had to carry out the operation with the help of their drones, which also picked up heat signals from the facility.

This led to them believing that something more or different from cannabis farming was taking place at the facility.