Tom Brady Hints That He May Have Bitcoin (BTC) In His Possession

Ever since the cryptocurrency boom in late 2020, the industry has been widely adopted by different sectors from around the world. Businesses, finances, and investments are not the only sectors that have invested heavily in cryptocurrencies.

Over the course of time, the cryptocurrency industry has found its way to several major sectors. Some of the major sectors where no one could have expected the expansion of cryptocurrencies include entertainment and sports.

When we talk about entertainment, several sub-sectors such as music, video games, movies, artwork, and much more come to mind. Whether it may be in the form of payment method, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or some other way of gains, still they are being used for cryptocurrencies.

Then the other sector is sports, where cryptocurrencies are adopted heavily in sports e gaming and sports games. So far, several e gaming platforms have adopted cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to develop games.

In those games, the developers have provided opportunities to the players to mine cryptocurrencies while using their computer hardware power. Otherwise, several gaming platforms offer the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies by simply playing games or earn them through tournaments.

Then in real-time sports, the cryptocurrencies have found their way in the same as e gaming but here, the opportunities include NFTs. Another digital way of rewarding fans such as Sorare, that bring in money for the players.

The reason for mentioning the above is that either way, cryptocurrencies have found their way to different sectors from around the globe. In just a matter of two years, the cryptocurrency industry has grown so much that it has caught the eye of many.

Since the past year until now, several players from the NFL, NBA, and many other sports sectors have shown interest in cryptocurrencies. Some have even revealed their interest in receiving half or full salaries in Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH). There are many that have already started receiving their half or full salaries in Bitcoin (BTC).

One of the latest additions to the list of players interested in Bitcoin (BTC) is Tom Brady. Tom Brady is the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At present, Brady hails as one of the most talented and highly demanded players of all time in American football.

According to the latest reports, Tom Brady has reportedly changed his display picture on Twitter to the one in which he has a red laser coming out of his eyes.

The symbol implies that a person is interested or is eyeing Bitcoin (BTC), so his 1.9 million fans are currently talking about it.

The reports suggest that Jason Yanowitz sent the picture to Brady and challenged him to update it on his profile. Therefore, Tom Brady went ahead and updated the picture, but it has had no impact on the price of Bitcoin (BTC).