It has been more than 8 weeks now since the COVID-19 swallowed the entire world in its fearful outbreak and took the lives of more than a million people. While the entire world’s population has been devastated due to this pandemic, the world’s economy couldn’t be helped and has thus, taken the lowest dip of the 21st century. The main driver of this downfall is the lockdowns and curfews that the entire world underwent, resulting in thousands of companies to be shut down in the light of the SOP(s) prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO), Local Health Sectors, and Governments.

This has led millions of people to lose their jobs and their sole sources of income. Even the major companies currently ruling the world’s economy couldn’t help but suffer from the outbreak of this pandemic and now every organization seems to be desperate in finding a vaccine and permanent solution to this pandemic. 

While the entire world is heavily affected by the COVID-19, the online trading economy seems to have grown extremely high. The main reason behind it is the people switching to the online platform to find sources of income and make a living. They are ready to make investments from their life savings to keep food on their tables.

In times like these, an online trading brokerage, known as FYERS consisted of a team of 100 members, has now grown to the potential of having 200 members. FYERS is an online trading brokerage that is based in Bengaluru, India. As per the recent news, FYERS has stated that due to the ongoing pandemic, their trading firm has experienced a surge in the number of users that are eager to join the online trading platform and make a living. This enthusiasm is found mainly in the youngsters.

FYERS has been found to be posting many open vacancies adds through the online channels for hiring and are looking for trading experts, analysts, and customer support representatives to achieve their goal of 200 members. They have backed their action by informing that due to the current situation, they have observed that their trading business has grown by 40%.