Twitter Account Hacked of Belgium’s Energy Minister – Offer Fake Ethereum (ETH)

According to recent reports, one of the ministers from Belgium has fallen prey to one of the hack incidents on high-profiles. The Twitter account of the Energy Minister in Belgium has reportedly been hacked. The name of the Energy Minister in Belgium is Tinne Van der Straten.

Following the hack, Straten’s Twitter is now being used to offer a bogus and fake giveaway for a cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency being offered by the hackers is the second largest in the cryptocurrency industry “Ethereum – ETH”.

The preliminary information gathered by the investigation team has confirmed that the first thing the hackers did was change the name of the minister’s profile.

The hackers have changed the verified profile name of the Belgian Energy Minister’s Twitter account to “Ethereum Foundation”. Although the public announcement around the get being hacked has been made, yet there is a lot of confusion in the Twitter and crypto-community.

Many users are confused as they are assuming that the giveaway is legit due to the account’s name and its profile authenticity. Initially, the hackers started offering a giveaway for the same cryptocurrency. At that time, the hackers were offering the Twitter/crypto-community the opportunity to win 50,000 ETH.

However, the team working for the Energy Minister was able to delete the tweets before they were even viewed by anyone. The team even succeeded in restoring the Twitter account of the Belgian Energy Minister in the initial hack attempt.

The team working for the minister did report that the profile’s activity log during the hack was related to cryptocurrencies. The profile showed that the hacker had liked many tweets made by the high-profiles from the crypto-verse. The hacker had liked many tweets posted around Bitcoin (BTC) by ChamathPalihapitiya and Cameron Winklevoss.

Right after the hack attempt, the Energy Minister’s office was approached by The Brussels Times for a comment/statement on the incident. The spokesperson for the Energy Minister “Van der Straeten” stated that their office reported the incident to Twitter right away. Furthermore, the cabinet reacted immediately to the hack attempt and changed all the passwords to the minister’s profile.

The investigation on the matter is currently underway to find the root cause of the situation and how someone was able to gain access to the minister’s account.

The spokesperson has confirmed that no harm was caused to other accounts and there was no data comprised as a result of the hack either.

There are still no traces or evidence to prove who was behind the hack and was the mastermind behind the attack. However, a similar kind of incident was reported of a Twitter account being hacked a few hours earlier and this time, it was involving the Minister of Education in Flemish.