UFC NFTs to finally go on sale on crypto.com exchange

It goes without saying that cryptocurrencies have managed to make their way into almost everything. If there is something worth investing in or something that could even remotely connect to them, they were already collaborating with it. As of now, cryptocurrency firms have collaborated with various apparel stores and even with different payment processing services like MasterCard and PayPal.

Of course, the best thing to understand about crypto firms is that they do not have to stop at any specific place. They have even collaborated and sponsored various fighters in the UFC, showing their incredible versatility. And now that cryptocurrencies are becoming popular again, a specific crypto exchange is showing off its wide collection of NFTs, especially those dedicated to the UFC.

Crypto.com, easily one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the market right now, recently announced that they will be selling the first ever UFC non-fungible token, the token will include a lot of unique merchandise that will not be available through these NFTs. some of the goodies that are up for grabs include championship belts, fighter avatars, and even paintings of some historic UFC moments.

People will be able to buy these different tokens on the day of the big match between Usman and Covington. The new boxes will include various memorabilia about the new match not eh inside. However, it is import to mention that there are limits to the number of NFT packs that someone can buy. Supply will be short, which adds to the further rarity of the entire token itself. This has to be one of the most genius moves ever made by the million dollar entertainment sports brand.

Of course, this is not the only deal that crypto.com has signed in recent years with the massive brand. UFC was easily able to secure this deal, but they were also able to finalize it at $175 million. The agreement would make Crypto.com the official crypto partner of the UFC. And as time went on, people started to understand just how good of a deal it was. The UFC alone has over 600 million followers on Instagram.

But the new deal with UFC can seem like small potatoes when looking at the bigger picture of the market and their previous deals. They have partnered with famous Hollywood actor Mat Damon and even found themselves exploring the world of hockey as well. Crypto.com has also teamed up with E-sports teams in the past, ensuring that they have plenty of fingers in different pies. So it is safe to say that Crypto.com is easily the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the market right now.