Wix website manager allows companies to accept cryptocurrency payments

The crypto market has greatly changed all of the different industries across the world. And with the better part of the decade dedicated to seeing how cryptocurrencies would pan out, different industries are finding new ways to allow customers and companies to use cryptocurrencies.

Most recently, UWM became the first mortgage company to experiment with cryptocurrencies and AMC became the first cinema to accept cryptocurrencies. So it is safe to say that industries are already integrating cryptocurrencies throughout their businesses to get with the times.

And apart from bigger companies offering crypto services to their customers, companies like Wix have also started integrating cryptocurrencies into all of their websites. For those unaware, Wix happens to be one of the biggest website designing platforms in the world alongside WordPress and Squarespace. In fact, some of the biggest companies have made their websites through Wix, thanks to a plethora of unique integrations.

The latest integration that they have introduced is the ability for online businesses to start accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Wix had announced in June that it was looking forward to integrating its service with crypto based transactions, allowing cryptocurrencies to become an alternative to regular debit and credit cards.

Of course, Wix is not the only business that is looking into integrating cryptocurrencies into its website designing platform. Services like WordPress are open source, which means that third-party integrations for cryptocurrencies were already available. On the other hand, Squarespace is looking into how it would be able to integrate such a technology into its service.

With a variety of reports showing that Gen z investors hold a large portion of cryptocurrencies, it is obvious that ecommerce sites will be looking into offering these services. And now through Wix, ecommerce sites will be able to accept crypto transactions through their newest integrations.

Wix is currently allowing its customers to accept wrapped Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin. In some countries, clients will also be able to make use of XRP, which is also one of the largest currencies in the market right now.

Of course, adding these cryptocurrencies was also a very strategic move, considering the fact that most people will already have these coins. The aforementioned coins make up nearly 70% of the market cap, which means that they have covered a large enough audience of the market.

Seeing how Wix is one of, if not the biggest, website development service in the world right now, it only makes sense that they would eventually allow their clients to accept cryptocurrencies. They have partnered with BitPay to offer this integration, which is one of the safest services in the market right now.