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Wize Capital Review

It is common to desire an increase in the amount of revenue they generated. The rising spate of hardship that has plagued the global economy has necessitated people to search for viable ways of increasing their earnings. But the greatest challenge of revenue generation is finding the right investment platform that offers higher investment returns with minimal risk. One way you may be able to achieve this is by investing in the financial market. In general, the financial market and the blockchain industry have offered a lifeline to many people who hitherto had thought that they might never be financially independent. Many have explored the plethora of opportunities that lie within investing in the blockchain industry.

To achieve this feat, you may require the services of a trusted and highly reliable broker. You need a trading platform that is effective and efficient to optimize your trading capacity and offer you several outstanding benefits. While doing so, you must watch out for those scam brokers who might claim to offer you what they are incapable of providing. Some brokers and trading platforms may even scam you of the little you have if you are not careful. However, several legit and experienced brokers can give you a seamless trading experience. We shall be analyzing the WizeCapital.com trading platform to determine if this broker is legit and if traders can trust this broker with their resources and time. We shall also outline the features and tools that you can find when using the WizeCapital.com trading platform to carry out trading in the financial market.

What exactly is WizeCapital.com?

Before we discover the tools and other features available on the WizeCapital.com trading platform, it is essential to have an introductory knowledge of WizeCapital.com in general. WizeCapital.com is an investment trading platform that offers traders an opportunity to trade on different assets in the financial market. WizeCapital understands the importance of diversification when it comes to investment; hence, you can trade on cryptocurrency, stocks, commodities, indices, etc. WizeCapital.com also offers several unique trading platforms that allow traders to access the financial market and carry out trading in a more conducive, intuitive, and friendly environment.

Traders using the WizeCapital.com Trading platform may be able to enjoy several outstanding benefits that make the platform a strong competitor in the oil and gas industry. You may be able to register your trading account on the platform by carrying out simple and straightforward processes. The broker also understands the need to maintain high standards in terms of customer support, hence their outstanding customer support services. Deposits and withdrawals on the platform may also be carried out without complexities, thus ensuring that traders have seamless trading experience.

Is WizeCapital.com Legit?

The incidences of scam activities in the financial markets have been on the rise in recent years. Finding the right broker has become a difficult task. Cybercriminals are making it difficult for new traders to determine which broker is legit. Is WizeCapital.com Legit? This is a question that many potential investors and traders would love to find answers to. To verify the broker’s legitimacy, we have reviewed the different features that the broker claims to offer to determine if they are so in reality.

We have also analyzed other factors, such as regulation and licensing. Feedback from clients who may have used this trading platform to invest in the financial market was also examined. In all, we were able to find out that Wize Capital is a legit investment platform that may be capable of making you financially independent. Feedback received from past clients showed that most of them are satisfied with the level of services they got. They also expressed satisfaction with the features and tools that are come with the platform. A greater majority of clients think that they would continue to make use of the platform and advise others to do the same. 

The broker is registered and is also said to be fully licensed to operate as a broker in the financial market and the blockchain industry in general. The exchange commission regulates activities such as money usage and other financial and non-financial obligations. If you doubt whether or not to do business with the WizeCapital.com trader, you may want to rethink as the broker may offer you much more than you expect.

Features of the WizeCapital.com Trading Platform

WizeCapital.com is a unique trading platform that comes with several outstanding features. These features are designed to make trading faster and straightforward. The following are some of the features of WizeCapital.com

  • A variety of financial instruments

While some other brokers may concentrate on a particular trading platform, Wize Trader offers diversity, making it possible for traders to invest in several other assets simultaneously. You can trade in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. you may also be able to trade on Forex using different currency pairs such as USD/JPY. USD/CAD, GBP/USD, EUR/USD.

Traders can also trade on stocks via the WizeCapital.com trading platform. You may choose to trade on the stocks of multinational companies such as Apple, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, etc. via the Wize Capital trading platform. Apart from these financial instruments, traders might also trade on indices such as the S&P 500, DOW 30, and NASDAQ. You might be able to trade on several other major indices in the global market, such as Currency indices, US indices, etc. As a trader in the financial market, you may select any of these financial instruments or combine them on the Wize Capital trading platform. Your choice of financial instruments may be based on the risk involved, investment capital, expected revenue, etc.

  • Multiple trading platforms

WizeCapital.com might have taken the whole concept of trading a step further by providing traders with a variety of unique trading platforms. These trading platforms are designed to optimize users’ trading experience and make it possible for traders to use different devices to connect to WizeCapital.com. The most prominent among the trading platforms is the Meta Trader 4 platform that is commonly known as MT4. MT4, as earlier said, has revolutionized the concept of trading. It offers users an opportunity to use several unique features and advanced tools to carry out trading. It is designed with charts and other trade metrics determinant to help users know the best trading approach to take at a particular time.

In terms of device compatibility, MT4 comes with several other versions that allow users to access it’s platform irrespective of the device used. The desktop version is designed for desktop users as software that can be installed. Traders using smartphones are not left out as they might be able to trade on WizeCapital.com via the mobile trading version. Android and iOS phones can access the platform by downloading mobile trader applications from their respective app stores. The web version ensures that you can trade via the WizeCapital.com platform on any of your devices provided you can access the internet from that device.

  • A Fast and straightforward registration process

The process of registering on the WizeCapital.com platform is fast and straightforward. Unlike other trading platforms, you might experience no form of complexities since the requirements to get your account approved are minimal. The wait time for approval is also very short. To register your account on WizeCapital.com, you have to go to the broker’s website and provide the basic information. You are also to provide a secure password, which would be used as your login details. Email verification may be required that prompts you to confirm your registration.

Once you have done that, you are required to provide your payment details. You have to ensure that all information you provide is correct; otherwise, your registration may not be approved. However, while you await approval, you might still be able to carry out trading activities. The broker understands that in the aspect of trading in the financial market, time is paramount, and there is no need for delay in carrying out trading as soon as you are done with your registration.

  • Multiple trading accounts

Before you can complete your trading journey, you need to have registered your WizeCapital.com account. This allows you to place your trade when you identify an open trading window. It also allows you to withdraw your earnings and increase your investment capital. There are three types of Wize Capital accounts that any trader may choose to open. Each of these accounts has their custom feature that is unique to a particular class of trader. They differ in the variety of features they offer and the investment capital required to begin trading. The account types available on Wize Capital includes the following:


As the name implies, the Beginner’s account is suitable for those who are just starting their trade. It is designed for inexperienced individuals who may have little to invest. Investing in WizeCapital.com by using a Beginner account requires you to pay a minimum deposit of $250. You might also be able to make use of basic trading tools. Traders might be able to view live webinars that are carried out by industry experts. These webinars may serve as a guide to direct you on the right path or strategy to take when trading. One outstanding feature o the Beginner’s account is that you can trade on all the available assets. You also get to learn about the current industry trends and also view reports generated from market research.

Advanced Account

The advanced account is the second account type that is available for traders on the Wize Capital platform. It is designed for traders who may have a reasonable level of trading experience in the financial market. Like the Beginner’s account, advanced account owners on Wize Capital can also access all the financial instruments available on the platform. You might also have access to many more features and trading tools than traders with Beginner’s account.

To open an advanced WizeCapital.com account, you may have to deposit at least $5,000. It gives you access to account managers who are dedicated and ready to guide you through your trading process. When trading via an advanced account, you can also have live sessions with experts in the industry. The account gives traders access to about three live sessions with experts in the industry to ask questions and become more acquainted with the happenings in the financial market. Traders can also have access to use a trading bot, which allows them to carry out trading without being physically involved. You can enjoy the benefits of Expert Advisors.


An expert WizeCapital.com account is the third tier of account available on the trading platform. As the name implies, expert account holders are individuals who are experienced in the trading circle. Expert account holders also have access to several other advanced tools and feature not available on the expert account. To open a WizeCapital.com expert account, you may have to deposit at least $20,000 as your investment capital.

Unlike the advanced account type that offers you three live sessions, the expert account gives you an unlimited session with industry experts. You can also use the opportunity to discuss with experts advisors to educate you on the best trading strategies to use when carrying out trading. One outstanding feature of the expert account is that you may be able to access and view how trading is carried out in the trading room.

A high level of security

The level of security on the WizeCapital.com account is top-notch. The broker understands that the financial market and the blockchain industry is plagued with cybercriminals who scam unsuspecting traders. There are also those whose main help is to hack into different trading platforms and steal sensitive data. In that vein, the broker has put in several security measures to protect traders and investors from fall prey to scam activities. As part of its advanced security feature, a data encryption system has been incorporated into the platform to ensure that messages and chats on the platform are encrypted. The use of an SSL security feature is also employed to protect users and making the platform secure. The broker also utilizes a smart contract feature that separates traders’ accounts from that of the broker to protect your investment if the broker goes bankrupt.

The availability of a stop loss feature on the WizeCapital.com platform also prevents traders from losing all their investment during an unfavorable trading window.

Automated trading bots

The WizeCapital.com trading platform also comes with an automated trading bot that uses an advanced algorithm to carry out trading activities on behalf of traders. The trading robot can achieve this by making use of market trends, expert analysis, news feeds, industry forecasts, and social media feeds relating to the trading of different assets in the financial market. The trading bot carries out this function with lightning speed and high accuracy. It is a unique feature suitable for traders who may not have the time to monitor and carry out trading by themselves. Using the automated trading bot feature is also suitable for inexperienced traders.

Customer Support

Every broker understands the critical role played by its clients in the financial market, and as such, there is a need for clients’ requests, queries —————-, and complaints to be treated with urgency. WizeCapital.com offers outstanding customer support to clients on the platform. The broker’s customer support team comprises individuals who understand how the market operates and thus can provide both technical and non-technical solutions to traders. You may experience fast response, which may go a long way in helping you optimize your trades. You can use various channels to reach out to WizeCapital.com customer support teams, such as the live chat feature, email, or phone number. 

Easy withdrawal and deposit option

One essential feature to look out for in a trading platform is making deposits using multiple options and making fast and straightforward withdrawals. The WizeCapital.com trading platform may offer you such an opportunity. Traders might have access to several payment options, including bank transfer, MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, Credit cards, etc. withdrawal on the platform might be carried out with ease. The speed of withdrawal depends on your bank location. It might take between seven to ten days to get your funds. However, you should bear in mind that you can only withdraw funds to the account provided when registering on the platform as the broker does not allow third-party withdrawals.


WizeCapital.com is a broker that you might trust to offer you efficient services when it comes to trading in the financial market. It is legit and unique in several ways. Many who have used this platform have given positive feedback about the broker. However, we advise that you trade with care.

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